Tuesday, November 4, 2014



What is the RAINBOW? What to expect from a RAINBOW In-Home Presentation?

Schedule an in-home RAINBOW presentation, for you and your family. You and your family get to see a complete RAINBOW presentation in the comfort of your home. You would appreciate what the RAINBOW delivers in respect of indoor life and healthier living. Every member of the family would appreciate the RAINBOW presentation. 
You witness 7 to 10 minutes cleaning of your bedroom air. 
You witness "cleaning" of one mattress.                                                                   Your family sees, knows, understands good indoor cleaning.
Everybody discovers" ills of conventional housekeeping.
Everybody understands what is indoor air pollution. 
  During the in-home presentation, the family discovers:
  • Interesting Information about the company and RAINBOW ’s history
  • Features and benefits of the RAINBOW total cleaning system
  • Explanation of why vacuum cleaners have no more place within homes. 
  • How RAINBOW beats, scrubs and deep cleans mattresses. 
  • How simple it is for use,care,and maintenance of the RAINBOW.
  • You will understand why RAINBOW has up to 5 times longevity.
  • Know why people want 2 or more RAINBOW units. 

Families in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia who would like to witness what the Rainbow machine does to bedroom air, and how the attachments remove dust, mites and its droppings off the mattress may call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sourced from Global Indoor Health Network  
 “Evaluation of Pollutant Emissions from Portable Air Cleaners”.
Hugo Destaillats, Ph.D.,  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 1:00 pm, PST (WEBCAST)
Sierra Hearing Room, 2nd Floor, Cal/EPA Building
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California

A wide variety of portable stand alone air purifiers are sold for
residential and commercial use. This presentation will describe a
study of air cleaners relying on emerging technologies that
include photocatalytic oxidation, plasma generation and microbial
thermal inactivation. Poorly engineered devices may negatively
impact indoor air quality (IAQ) through emissions of ozone,
volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter and/or
reactive oxygen species (ROS).

The above article may be filled with scientific findings, facts, terms and percentages of pollution found in their study. We as consumers are getting fooled too often with what we purchase from the market place. The majority of air purifiers and air cleaners are sub standard, fail to deliver, ruin our health and regular maintenance of cleaning the insides of these purchased units become a chore.

Added to all that is the cost of changing filters.

We settle for air cleaners and air purifiers from the retail outlets, and most of these units do not deliver the expected. Within weeks or months, they become ruining agents of our indoor air. Air conditioners are no exceptions. The removal efficiency of dusts, air borne particles, toxic gases and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is as good as nil, and ruining of indoor air begins.

With as good as 90% of the variety of machines, the removal power ceases within days. Why is this so? Air borne pollutes and particulates removed off the air fills the pores of the filters abd begin to accumulate within the unit. When pores are blocked, air flow is reduced and air cleaning stops. The accumulated pollutes on the filters begin to rot, breed bacteria and a wide variety of micro organisms.

Instead of cleaning the indoor air, these units become emitters of bred bacteria and micro organisms. Together with it is the foul odour, toxic fumes, vapour, and foulness back into the air that we breathe. Consider for one moment. What does your kitchen smell in the mornings, if the day's waste are not disposed. What do you think is the airconditioner spilling into your room, if the machine inside is not cleaned weekly?

Would it not be good to return to to mother nature to clean anything and everything within your indoors. You have an excellent opportunity to duplicate mother nature indoors. Mother nature in the forms of fog, mist, rain and showers keeps the outdoor air cleaned. You can duplicate the same indoors. Nothing gets wet. Everything gets cleaned. USE WATER.

Return to nature and have your indoor air washed with water, with no side effects.
Duplicate what mother nature does to keep outdoor air clean with rain, shower, mist and dew.

Set aside 90 minutes. Take advantage of a great way to check, control and reduce your INDOOR AIR POLLUTION. Bring under control all of its consequences.  

www.smore.com/pk5p- is to have your INDOOR AIR  WASHED WITH WATER https://www.smore.com/n771- 

Also of interest to you could be www.facebook.com/indoorhealth 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


How to Get Rid of Allergens in Your Home

HOW DO WE CHOOSE? and WHAT IS RIGHT? BEST! and ECONOMICAL! to rid indoor allergens for us to  CONTINUE LIVing  LIFE without  allergens invading our health and filling our homes to the brim? 
A home is our best place to relax, to feel very comfortable, and be at peace. Why do they always say, "Home, Sweet Home". Unfortunately, times have changed and we have allowed enemy invasion of our own homes, and homes are no longer safe or healthy to be lived in. 
We have knowingly or unknowingly allowed allergens to infiltrate and thrive all over our house, triggering unpleasant allergy symptoms. Allergens stimulate reactions in people. When an allergen enters a person's body, the immune system reacts. The immune system produces its defences, the system releases its chemicals and that results in inflammation, irritations and bodily reactions. Allergens come in various forms. Pet dander, pollen and dust mite excretion are common allergens that harm people. Food allergens are also common. Home use cleaning detergents and aerosols can also trigger allergic reactions. Gaseous vapours, fumes and gas off home use products, furnitures and equipment can also be causative factors. With the numerous types of allergens. it is very likely that some of them are thriving inside your house and causing discomfort to your health. They do cause trouble to the inhabitants and so one must find ways to reduce allergens in the home.
Allergens can be rid. It could take time and effort to know the causes. Keep the home interior clean, cool, tidy and cosy. Avoid humid temeprature indoors. Humidity breeds mold and dust mites. Keep checking, cleaning and replacing filters within heaters, air conditioners, air duct systems and air ventilation locations.  Keep mice and cockroaches at bay. Using simple traps and pest control methods, exterminate these creatures. Mice and cockroaches bring both bacteria and allergens into homes. Use inexpensive traps and pest control methods to exterminate these pesky creatures. Seal entryways, inlets, cracks, and ventilation outlets etc. Get an exterminator, if you must. 
Mold is another common allergen. Do prevent it from forming in your home. Establish a home cleaning routine. All sorts of cleaning is an essential. A cleaning routine is a must. Smoking of cigaretes or cigars is an overlooked issue, but the smoke does trigger asthmatics. Keep your pets outside. Their fur, dirt and dust off their bodies do cause allergy reactions.
Where else at home could be allergy causing sources?                                     THE BEDROOM takes the lead. Linens fill a bedroom from bedsheets to blankets, comforters, curtains, pillow cases and even our clothes and garments. These are all good at dust and mites gathering. Wash them regularly in hot water. Avoid floor carpeting. Hardwood fooring or linoleum is the best. Minimise bedroom furniture and clutter.  

Bathrooms, living room and home interior in total needs regular cleaning. Minimise clutter and excessive interior furniture and decoratives. Cleaning is important to remove allergens. Do be properly attired while cleaning, wear a dust mask, and don a pair of gloves. Avoid using brooms for sweeping. Rags a only spread or paste dust to surfaces. Brooms and rags pollute, spread and lift dust into the air. With  cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners, use those that are fitted with a hepa filter. Vacuum cleaners and air conditioners pollute indoor air.

The above tips help. Be deliberate to live in an allergens free home.
Families in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia, can have a no obligations privilege to witness the how to of cleaning BEDROOMS and home interior. Cleaning INDOOR AIR is a must and reducing allergens, dust, air borne pollutes, bacteria and air toxins has become a daily essential within homes and indoor people occupied space.? How can a family keep mattresses kept clean and reduced of their dust mites, carcasses and droppings content?
Call K Thiruselvam for a complimentary presentation within your home and have the entire family participate.
Call 016-3712762  www.facebook.com/indoorhealth also shares plenty for you to know more.